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January, February, lately

January moved along at a snail's pace. Things were happy and pleasant for the most part, then—just as soon as people were getting back to their workdesks—we had another long vacation, thanks to Pope Francis' Philippine visit, which also came right before a scheduled family trip. Not complaining there, but it definitely slowed things down. I had some time to evaluate myself, and I struggled, coming from a period of very little work activity from December all the way to the end of January.

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A lovely evening with Chanel

A couple of months ago, I was invited to participate in Rustan's Department Store's Beauty Source relaunch. The event highlighted the beauty section's gorgeous new layout and interiors, including a renovation of every brand's counter and displays. Prior to the event, Shar and Tara of Rustan's met with me to discuss my contribution to the event. Specifically, it would be for the freshly renovated Chanel beauty counter. I was thrilled beyond belief!

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Ichigo Shoes Brand Identity Design (2013)

After nearly six years in the business, Ichigo Shoes decided it was time to update their identity and collaterals. It was such a joy working with Charlene, who wanted a fresh look, yet wished to retain the essence of the retail brand: feminine, fun, and sophisticated fashion. I started with a mood board, which would tell Ichigo's brand story and define its personality, before setting out to work on the various applications.

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