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January, February, lately

January moved along at a snail's pace. Things were happy and pleasant for the most part, then—just as soon as people were getting back to their workdesks—we had another long vacation, thanks to Pope Francis' Philippine visit, which also came right before a scheduled family trip. Not complaining there, but it definitely slowed things down. I had some time to evaluate myself, and I struggled, coming from a period of very little work activity from December all the way to the end of January.

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Art Mart musings

Joining an arts/crafts fair was among the least of my plans for this year. Days later, I still can't believe I participated in my first bazaar! The experience was nothing short of amazing. It was very tiring, but definitely so much fun. I had a smile plastered all over my sweaty face at the end of both days.

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All the small things

Last Wednesday, I tried to find out if I could hack a private, one-on-one tutorial. A friend asked if I could take in his 14-year-old daughter during a group session, but uncomfortable about accepting a very young participant in a class setting, I asked if they'd be open to a one-on-one session instead. They said yes! I was delighted to know Maika had been drawing and painting on her own. But I had no idea how talented she was!

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The pink of things

I love using pink in my work, but I've never really given it much thought until now. I've realized it has a lot to do with my art and illustration style, but only because it has everything to do with who I am, and how I've grown in the last few years.

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Here comes the sun

Earlier this month, I took a quick break from work and got my first taste of summer for the year. Yay! I tagged along with Birdie and his Curiosity partners Pam and Diego, who scheduled the trip to do some planning of their own. It was a relief to leave behind a host of work-related worries. Honestly, I couldn't be happier and more thankful for the projects that came in during the first few weeks of the year. Still, by the end of January, I was already feeling a little bummed out, and again, I found myself asking why I was doing the things I did.

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