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A home-made affair in Antipolo

I'll always remember the latter part of 2014 (yup, a couple years ago) as a busy and exciting time for me. It was then that I first ventured into producing a small line of paper goods. Not only were they received so well by the general public, but I got the chance to open up to the bigger local art scene, and I met so many incredibly kind, talented, likeminded people in the process.

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Paper goods debut

I'll finally talk about my very first collection of paper goods! Yay! In my previous post, I wrote about participating in the recent BGC Art Mart, which was such a new yet fulfilling (and eye-opening) experience. I debuted a small line of paper products during that art fair. A few months ago, I set my sights on producing a 2015 calendar within the fourth quarter of the year. I knew it would make for a great offering during the approaching holidays.

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Art Mart musings

Joining an arts/crafts fair was among the least of my plans for this year. Days later, I still can't believe I participated in my first bazaar! The experience was nothing short of amazing. It was very tiring, but definitely so much fun. I had a smile plastered all over my sweaty face at the end of both days.

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