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I mentioned about working on a brand illustration project a while back. The work is for a beauty brand, and their brief was to create a watercolor illustration of a room filled with beauty products, to be applied on one of their packaging. After coming up with a solid concept and sketches, my client and I agreed on the final execution, and I proceeded with the colors (always my favorite part of any watercolor illustration project!). After working out some kinks, I was able to finish the full, painted illustration last week.

I usually begin with background washes and details before painting the foreground. I follow a general-to-specific approach when coloring. My client requested that we retain their brand colors--pink and turquoise--for majority of the work, and that we apply everything in pastel tones.

For the longest time (I think a little over two years now), I'd been using a reliable, well-worn synthetic no. 6 brush (Best Buy, National Book Store) for most of my illustration work. It started showing signs of wear last month. I need to retire it soon. For this project, I started using a synthetic no. 5 brush (it says "Art Vibe 888" along the handle--err, yes). It feels so good to use a smaller brush for tiny, detailed work.


It's nearly finished in the photo above. The full artwork measures roughly 10" x 18", but since I couldn't get my hands on large Canson 12" x 18" pads, I had to use two 9" x 12" sheets. I really enjoyed working on this one. I'm always happy to indulge in ultra-feminine themes and, just as great, have clients who are so easy to work with. Will show a little more in a next post!