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Hiatus from wedding-related work

I've started counting down my last few wedding invitation projects of the year. This one here's an illustrated border I created for an enchanted forest-inspired invitation, which I recently completed. I loved working on this one, particularly since my client gave me their full trust, and I was only too happy to give more of myself. This is probably the most detailed artwork I've done for an invite. As of this writing, the layout has already gone to press. I can't wait for my copy!

Having said that, I'd like to announce (with some sadness) that I am taking a break from wedding-related projects. Currently, I have just three of these projects left on my plate, until the end of this year (clients who already booked me way in advance). I've thought about taking this break for some time now, and it's been a difficult choice to make. No doubt, working on wedding invites has given me so many new opportunities and growth as an artist (in fact, I wouldn't have learned to paint flowers this well if not for all the floral-themed wedding invites I've made!). To my clients who appreciate and support my work--I thank all of you for trusting me with your big day!

I'm afraid I need to let go of a few things, to make way for the creation of new ones. I hope these new things will give me fresher eyes/hands as an artist, and help me once again grow as a person. I'm happy to share that I've started working on some of these personal projects, and I sincerely hope they materialize in the next few months. Please watch this space for updates!