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February wrap-up

What a month it's been! And just like that, we're coming into March.


I spent most of February making illustrations for an upcoming book. (Well, sort-of book.) I'm very excited about it, because it's my first fully illustrated project, from cover to cover! As it happens I cannot reveal anything more, but the publication will be launching this summer. Oh, all right, let me throw in one more tidbit--if you're still in school, this was made with you in mind!

Other things that happened in Feb: I started working on a couple of wedding invitations, and things are moving forward with a brand illustration project.

Speaking of paper goods, I also decided to stop accepting new clients for fully customized invitations beginning this month. In its place will be a variation of the service, which might interest you if you're working around a budget. More updates on this soon!

Finally, I've been shopping around for suppliers I can work with for a retail stationery/prints line. The search is nearly over and my heart is evidently set on one at the moment. I am really trying to get things moving at a much faster rate now, it's all so exciting and I really need to stay as focused as I can.